Terrified in front of small crowds would be the last thing you would expect from 18-year-old Dana Miller, but put her in front of millions of people and she will put on a phenomenal show.

“I have been singing, pretty much, my whole entire life,” says Dana, who grew up an only child in Fulton, Indiana. “I used to always sing with my mom when I was a tiny tot, and I would watch music videos and interviews on TV, and I thought to myself, I was going to be singing and dancing on TV some day too!”

“I have been in multiple singing competitions and I have even performed with two local bands. After singing in every competition that came my way, it only felt right to move on to bigger and better things. Singing in the bands taught me how everything works. I realized that I’m happiest when I’m on stage.”

Dana Miller started recording CDs for her friends and family at the age of 14. “When people started asking for copies of my CDs, that’s when I knew people were really interested. It has led me to new experiences and goals that I wish to accomplish.”

After listening to an advertisement on the radio, Dana knew this was an opportunity worth trying out for. Putting her own spin on the song “Let R’ Rip,” by the Dixie Chicks, Dana had won the hearts of many.

Six months after auditioning, Dana Miller was on a plane heading to Florida. There she would showcase herself in front of producers and agents. She had received 8 callbacks.

Among the 8 callbacks that Dana received, Eddie Wenrick had taken an interest in the young talent. Eddie Wenrick has been a Senior Executive of Entertainment of multiple businesses for the past 30 years. His credits include being Director of Columbia Records in New York, Senior Vice-president and General Manager of Epic Records, one of the founding members of Country Music Television with James Williams Guercio, and being part of the management team of the rock legends KISS.

Eddie Wenrick has been instrumental in providing Dana with quality song selections, the resources to connect her to the right people, and to lay out a demo at a professional recording studio.

Since recording the album, Dana is now venturing off into songwriting. She has made a music video in her hometown, is starting to write her own music, and continues to post videos on her Facebook page.